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Dale Jones

Bringing 30 years

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Kevin has been in the culinary industry for 18 years. He studied at Algonquin College for Culinary Management. Since graduation, Kevin has had the opportunity of working in many high-end establishments between Ottawa and Kingston. He has also had the opportunity to prepare meals for notable names, such as: Dan Aykroyd; The Tragically Hip; Princess Anne; The Scotties Tournament of Hearts; and the Governor Generals Ball

Dale has been in the culinary industry for 15 years. After completing A Culinary Advance Diploma at Liaison College, Dale has held a variety of management and head chef positions in Kingston Ontario. In doing so Dale had the opportunity to appear on The Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here”

As chefs, Kevin and Dale have had the opportunity to work side by side in a variety of kitchens in the past 10 years. Over the last 2 years Kevin and Dale have shifted focus toward building Caper’s Custom Catering.

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Kevin Hammond-Cape

About us

Caper’s Events was started back in April 1st of 2017, by CEO and owner Dale Jones. Already having a strong background and over a decade and a half of experience in the hospitality sector, establishing Caper’s Custom Catering was the next obvious choice!

“We provide all the necessary gear for your events; from appetizers right through to the mobile toilets

I guess you could say we catch you coming and going!”Dale Jones

Caper’s Custom Catering strives to bring the best food, service, experience – and most importantly – life-long memories, to any events your future holds.

If you’re seeking a completely customized and unique experience, ask us how we can help!

Dale and Kevin
It was an incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I received. The popcorn machines brought back fond memories of my parents taking my brother, sister and I to the fair as a child.
Thank you so much for making my dream of experiencing an old family past-time once again a reality. It truly was an unforgettable one.
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Steve Mall



Buffet services for banquets, business meetings, weddings, seminars, or any other event you have coming your way!


A variety of options to suit big and small events, From table cloths to table setting we have you covered. Also check out our climate controlled portable washroom

In-home dinner parties

​Customized Catering in your house. From multi-course meals for a party of four, to a cocktail party for fifty. Includes set-up, meals prepared as well as served. No clean-up required!

Caper's Events